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Medical Supply Manager (MSM) is a product of Medical Supply Manager Corporation. It is a platform for ordering durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and various medical supplies. Our goal is to leverage technology to deliver a delightful ordering experience for doctors and patients by improving service delivery from our approved list of licensed durable  medical supply providers. MSM will be working in partnership with providers to eliminate bottlenecks resulting in delays in processing orders. All our providers are licensed and are expected to process all orders made on this platform with the highest industry standard possible.

We manage orders from Doctors and Patients by first ensuring that the orders are assigned to the right provider with all needed information and documentation. MSM ensures that all orders are processed accurately and delivered promptly.

We work with a Patient or Doctor Favorite Provider, or with one of our registered licensed Provider to process all orders. Our ultimate objective is to make sure our clients get that MSM premium service experience.

At Medical Supply Manager Corp. we believe ordering medical supplies should be easy, cost and time saving, without compromising quality of products and our health.

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