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Cool Mist, 1.2 Gallon Humidifier


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Provider Name: Super Admin
Brand Name: Kaz

The KAZ 4100-HF impellar style cool mist humidifier produces soothing visible mist for temporary relief of cough and congestion

* The humidifier has a 1.2 gallon bowl and operates up to 20 hours per filling

* The 4100-HF has a 3-prong plug

* Quiet operation

* The exclusive water FillChannel for easy filling without removing the cover and can be filled with a pitcher

* New Kaz Cyclone technology creates super fine mist

* Comes with the exclusive Kaz DynaFilter air-cleaning filter which removes dust, pollen odors and tobacco smkoke from room air, removing 93% of particles as small as pollen

* Run Time: 20 Hours

* Height: 8"

* Width: 12"

* Length: 13"

* Weight (Approximate): 3.50 lb 

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